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Invited Lectures and Keynotes

November 2012 Troubling the categories of childhood and youth, Integrating Childhood and Youth Studies conference, Helsinki University

September 2012 Resourcing a feminine career? Magazines and magazine readership in post feminist times, Department of Child Studies, Linkoping University

September 2012 Gendering the method: masculinities, femininities and ethnographic practice, Department of Child Studies, Linkoping University

November 2011          Academy of Social Sciences, Myths and Realities public debate no. 11, Young People- troubled, troublesome or terrific? Crisis, sex and sexualisation: the trouble with childhood and youth, London: The British Library

October 2011  ESRC seminar series, New Perspectives on Education and Culture, Seminar 3: Local cultures of education and work, London, Toynbee Hall

May 2011        Conference ‘Fashioning children, interdisciplinary, theoretical and intergenerational views on childhood, Stockholm University.

June 2009 Theoretical approaches to gender and the media, Gender and Media symposium hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality, Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education, Seoul, South Korea

Jan 2009 Children, families and consumption: the changing face of family life and the children’s role as consumers, Assessing the Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing, Interim Findings Event, Hosted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, The Brewery, London.

Dec 2008 Patterns of violence and caring across three social sites: Young people in the school, the community and the nation state, From Violence to Caring conference, University of Oulu, Finland.

April 2008 Taking centre stage? Girlhood and the contradictions of femininity over three generations, Youth Research Symposium, University of British Columbia, Canada

June 2005 From the margins to the centre: childhood studies as an interdisciplinary project, Early Childhood conference, University of Plymouth.

Sept 2004 Sexuality, Gender and Schooling: shifting agendas in social learning, Susan B, Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Rochester, USA.

Sept 2004 Sexuality, Gender and Schooling: shifting agendas in social learning, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada,

Sept 2004 Sexuality, Gender and Schooling: shifting agendas in social learning, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

Nov 2002 Up close and personal: methodological dilemmas in researching sexuality and the intimate, conference sponsored by the Youth, Physicality and Health Research Group, Deakin University, Australia

July 2000 Closing the Gender Gap, Wakefield LEA, Woolley Hall, Wakefield.

May 2000 Sexuality and schooling: the official curriculum, pedagogic practice and student cultures, Social Participation through Research and Practice: a North/South perspective, Queens University, Kingston, Canada