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Research reports and dissemination

Kehily, M.J. (2010) Traditions of collective work: Cultural Studies and the Birmingham School, Collaboration and Duration; a celebration of the work and research practices of Janet Holland. London South Bank University: Families & Social Capital Research Group


Kehily, M.J. (2009) Patterns of violence and caring across three social sites: Young people in the school, the community and the nation state, From Violence to Caring conference proceedings, University of Oulu, Finland.

Kehily, M.J. (2009) What is Identity? A sociological perspective, ESRC Seminar Series, The educational and social impact of new technologies on young people in Britain proceedings, S. Livingstone (ed.), London School of Economics.

Thomson, R., and Kehily, M.J. with L. Hadfield and S. Sharpe (2008) The Making of Modern Motherhood, memories, identities, practices, Research report sponsored by the Family and Parenting Institute.

Kehily, M.J. The common culture of motherhood, Dissemination event, The Open University in partnership with the Family and Parenting Institute, Commonwealth Club, London 2 July, 2008

Kehily, M.J. ‘The making of modern motherhood: memories, representations and practices’ presentation to R&D Working Group, Milton Keynes General Hospital, 7th December, 2006.