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Research projects

The Making of Modern Motherhoods, memories, representations, practices (MoMM)

Making of modern motherhoodFunding: Award of £163,664 made by ESRC. Funded under the Identities and Social Action programme, Jan 2005-Dec 2007. Collaborators: Rachel Thomson, Lucy Hadfield, Sue Sharpe.

Aim: To investigate motherhood as a changing identity, through qualitative study focusing on the experiences of first time mothers in two locations in UK. The study includes a longitudinal and intergenerational element.


  • A one day event aimed at policy makers and opinion formers, hosted by the National Family and Parenting Institute in central London on July 2nd, 2008 accompanied by a short report highlighting policy relevant findings (see publications).
  • Academic outputs including a book (in preparation), a series of journal articles and book chapters (in press and in preparation).
  • The existing MoMM data set will form part of the Timescapes live archive, and through the project we will engage in data sharing and collaboration with other research teams as well as making our data available for secondary analysis.
  • The integration of findings into Open University teaching materials.

Visit the MoMM project website

The Dynamics of Motherhood (DOM)

Funding: £281k, ESRC, Timescapes programme on Qualitative Longitudinal Research January 2008 – December 2009, Collaborators: Rachel Thomson, Sue Sharpe, Lucy Hadfield.

A longitudinal development of The Making of Modern Motherhoods study.

Visit the Dynamics of Motherhood Project Website

Child of Our Time: scoping study

Funding: ESRC, £25.7k Co-researchers: Heather Montgomery, John Oates (PI). Based on a collaboration between The Open University and the BBC, this study evaluated the potential of Child of Our Time as an audio visual resource for research and teaching in higher education. Report completed September 2007.

ESRC Seminar Series: Rethinking youth cultures in the age of global media

youth-cultures-cover-1Funding: £17,990, Jan 2009- Dec 2010 Collaborators: Prof David Buckingham, Institute of Education; Dr Sara Bragg, Open University.

A series of six seminars generating renewed dialogue on issues of culture, consumption and globalisation, between researchers in the field of youth studies. The series brought together established and newer scholars from different disciplines with research users and practitioners from education, youth work, policy making and campaigning. Providing a forum for newly emerging debates in the field, nationally and internationally, the seminars revisited theories and methodologies in the field in the light of broader cultural developments, specifically relating to globalisation. The series profiled international perspectives on youth culture in changing times. An edited collection of papers from the series was published by Palgrave in late 2013.